Friday, April 29, 2011

Aaron Diaz Desnudo Completo


Mr Deputy Mayor, Mr Councillor of Culture, distinguished audience, Mr. Sainz Pena, winner of the prize, we could add: Majesty of Vianda Mr. Usher, Mr. Sommelier, other service members of the royal family because they are all here present, if no body, it's spirit so well portrayed the author for the occasion.

Peña Juan Manuel Sainz boasts a large list of winners. He is the author of novels, plays, writer, literary critic also. Suffice it to say that in the last eighteen months and won fifteen prizes if not won before, probably due to previously failed to show regularly.

For Lena story competition this year received 526 original, so that's not bad that the jury has opted for his work. The jury, the jurors, the author devotes a few words in a recent interview when he says, speak of an art and a jury. And art, as such, is subject to very subjective criteria to be respected. What one would like a work of art, another will appear a mess. The book of taste is blank, right?

jury liked this course. For the moment, features a perfect harmony between the language used and the time. It's a fun story. The characters, simple, logically in a story, are perfectly drawn. Does not lack the moral, which each draw their own way. Since we have up prose and verse.

advantage that reference to the jury, we will devote a few words because some line can be found among the judges appointed to this issue and the characters in the story. In the story live kings and valid, but upholsterers and quartermasters, and all participate active in the recreation of scenes and environments. The same can be said of the jury, in the way of chores planned for mixed juries less pleasant, was made by writers of the earth, voracious readers, reading workshop participants of the Casa de Cultura and even tedious prose writers because administrative would mean that the literary enjoyment are reserved solely to technical experts.

As only secret the deliberations of the Council of Ministers, but not members of a jury of stories, you can count on a story with impunity. Once disclosed the identity of the winner, the bug bit the jury, which was curious to know who the author of ten other stories that for some reason had attracted the attention of someone, even if not formally among the finalists. Someone then said to google, if not supported by the Royal Academy soon the word, beyond it. Well, the ten authors had been awarded in a literary contest.

For those of framing the story in its time and circumstances, a point: the story we hear from the author's account in the year 1665, one week before the death of King Philip IV and reminisces about events that occurred entering the summer of 1636 when he was thirty years old and had reigned fifteen.

The author is Jerez de la Frontera, province Cadiz, the birthplace of the Constitution of 1812, which significantly limited the absolute powers of the king above. Who knows if Luciano, assistant usher, tried to sever two centuries before the dynastic line by way of actually helping the wrinkle of a rug that if it was not beautiful, at least helpful for the intended purpose. Luciano Who knows if it was really a man of light, as its name suggests.

Since then, he and his creator, cast the tale good prose ... and some salsa, and hear it immediately.


(Winner: The Deputy Usher.

Felipe IV
looked too much for women's assistant usher. At a dinner, he, with the excuse of tripping on the carpet, threw burning sauce on the crotch).


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