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Request Letter For Food Allowance

PBAI. Universities and the Israeli apartheid: we're done with the complicity

Universities and the Israeli apartheid: we're done with the complicity

As members of the university community, we join the call made from the whole society and the Palestinian universities calling on international civil society to take the campaign for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) of Israel as the most peaceful and effective way to compel Israel to comply with existing international law *. The BDS campaign to Israel began in 2005 at the continuing human rights violations by Israel and the repeated lack of willingness of states and international actors to make this State to comply with international law and UN resolutions.

This campaign, which relies on the successful experience of the international boycott of apartheid South Africa and has been supported by prominent activists such as Nobel Peace Prize Desmond Tutu, Jewish organizations like Jewish Voice for Peace and a growing number of Israeli academics, has proven to be a way of increasing efficiency to international pressure civil society through nonviolent action, community international order to enforce the rights of the Palestinian population.

BDS Within the academic boycott comes in response to institutional support of Israeli universities unanimously to occupation and apartheid policies against Palestinians, which, among other things, materializes in close cooperation with the Israeli army and discriminatory policies against the Palestinian students.

Therefore we ask that, while the State of Israel does not comply with international law and UN resolutions, apply the following measures:

• The European Commission and the governments of Member countries of the European Union should establish a temporary suspension of the current preferential access to universities and research centers Israelis have the European Research Area under the Association Agreement EU-Mediterranean Euro-Israel. This suspension would only be the implementation of EU legislation itself, which states that such access is dependent on observance of human rights (Article 2 of the Partnership Agreement)

• While the Commission does not comply with its own rules we ask the English central and regional governments and all political parties to pressure the EC to be do so and to take measures within its power to implement the moratorium.

• At university level, the best measure of pressure at our disposal is the same that is being used by scholars from around the world committed to a just solution for the peoples of the region: the academic boycott. We therefore request the suspension of relations between our universities and the Israelis until the State of Israel to respect international law and UN resolutions, while we declare ourselves in solidarity with all those people, academic or not-that Israel fought bravely in defense of human rights, social and political the Palestinian people.

* The appeal has the support of over 170 organizations of Palestinian civil society, as well as all Palestinian universities. Shown in and

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Platform for academic boycott of Israel (PBAI)


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